Our main phone line is  505-747-3259. Call us or email us at info@tewawomenunited.org, doulas@tewawomenunited.org or visit the Contact Us page under Help & Support on the Navigation menu above for individual emails. TWU is a collective inter-tribal women’s voice in the Tewa homelands of Northern New Mexico. The name Tewa Women United comes from the Tewa words wi don gi mu which translates to “we are one.” Tewa Women United (TWU) was started in 1989 as a support group for women concerned with various issues including alcoholism, suicide, and domestic and sexual violence. In the safe space women created, we transformed and empowered one another through critical analysis and the embracing and re-affirming of our cultural identity. In 2001 TWU transitioned from an informal, all volunteer group to a formal 501(c)3 non-profit organization.…more

Support Care for Linda Pedro

Linda Pedro a longtime community organizer/activist and friend of Tewa Women United.  She has been fighting some pulmonary issues as well as a staph infection.

Linda moved to rehab!  We have been waiting for this for a MONTH! Linda was released from ICU and transferred to Kindred Hospital for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Thank you to all the folks who have given of their time and resources! Thank you for all your prayers!!

We still have a couple weeks to go before Linda is home. The fundraising has made it possible for her son, Daniel, to be in Albuquerque keeping her company and organizing 24 hour attendance. We still need that support until she comes home. Please consider a donation! 

Donations: http://www.gofundme.com/asm6h4

If you would rather send a donation directly, please email scottdavis1117@gmail.com for all the details.

Any fundraising that exceeds what we need to stay by Linda’s side will be used to help transition Linda back home. It is unknown how much of her staff will still be available after this layoff.

Thank you again!

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