YVK: Creating Circles of Support

In 2008, Tewa Women United started the Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project to serve first-time Native American mothers with culturally appropriate birth support.

Over the last nine years we have expanded our reach to include services for any family within Rio Arriba County and the Tewa Pueblo Homelands. YVK Doulas provide services for the whole family, across generations to encourage everyone to gather around the new parents.

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The Way Forward

by Autumn Gomez, TWU Youth Organizer

Do you ever think back to a moment when the world and your independence intersected?

There in front of you unfold many paths of life. Take a quick glance back and seeing “wrong” decisions you made, trauma that you suffered firsthand, and trauma of our families and communities. Do you remember things that made you move forward? Music, friends, a new book, a shining goal?

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