Community Doula Program

Yiya Vi Kagingdi (YVK), Community Doula Program:

Tewa Birthing Project Survey Final Report

Through the Yiya Vi Kagingdi (YVK) Community Doula Program, we provide physical, emotional, and informational support during the prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum period in the Espanola area and at the eight northern pueblos of New Mexico. Our doulas spend numerous hours with the families they serve to build strong trusting relationships and to provide pregnancy support, community resources, and childbirth education. We host monthly family nights and offer support through Tewa Women United’s Circle of Grandmothers to allow families a space to share and connect. Yiya Vi Kagingdi doula program encourages parent-baby attachment, breastfeeding support and parenting education. YVK serves the Espanola area and at the eight northern pueblos of New Mexico. Contact:


Welcome our new Yiya Vi Kagingdi community doulas!
Jessica, Sat Kirtan, Kim, Diana, Stephanie, Norma, Theresa and Megan.

By Jeanette Tsosie, Doula Program Coordinator

I was very honored to have trained with all these women through ICTC (International Center for Traditional Childbearing) where their mission is: “To reduce the premature deaths of infants by empowering families to take charge of their prenatal experience, to promote breastfeeding, and to increase the number of maternal and child health care providers, particularly indigenous midwives. ICTC brings families and health care providers together to collectively support healthy pregnancies, reduce premature births, and provide direct services”.

We are now “full circle doulas”, which means we are trained in prenatal and postpartum care. During our 4 day intensive training we had lots of hands on teaching by Shafia Monroe, one of the founders of ICTC. We opened and ended each day with prayer and song. We took walks and talked to the people in our community asked questions and answered any questions that were asked. We had discussions about traditional birth practices, the importance of nutrition and self-care before, during and after pregnancy, and much more.
It’s very exciting to see the passion and commitment these new fully trained doulas will bring to TWU. We will soon host a “meet the doulas” night to introduce all of them to the community.