Action Alert: Protect Vulnerable NM Communities; Halt Planned Tritium Release at LANL

On March 11, the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) sent the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a formal notice that the Lab will intentionally release up to some 100,000 curies of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen gas, beginning April 17, 2020. This massive radioactive venting is due to take place as northern New Mexico begins to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, and places a further burden on some of our most vulnerable and at-risk communities. At the same time DOE is ramping up nuclear weapons production and plans to cut cleanup at LANL nearly in half. We are asking for your help to call on our Congressional delegation, the EPA, and New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) directors to put an immediate halt and suspension to these planned tritium releases and increase in LANL plutonium pit production.

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SovereignTea June 2024

This SovereignTea education session, hosted by our Environmental Justice Program, will discuss the environmental and health impacts of the proposed plutonium pit production coming from the nuclear industry complex.   For this event, guests from the Union of Concerned Scientists will be educating the community with their expertise. Dylan Spaulding will present “A primer…

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2023 Reflections: Nurturing Seeds of Radical Hope

In these challenging times, please remember that every seed contains the element of radical hope. Our work at Tewa Women United is very much about nurturing and sharing seeds – in every sense of the word. You can find our staff working with youth and elders to stock our Española…

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Oppenheimer — And the Other Side of the Story

This week, “Oppenheimer” will open, a film that centers the creation and use of the atomic bomb through the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Go see the movie if it calls to you. But please also take time to learn about the other side of the story and what…

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2020: A Year of Collective Care and Beloved Communities

This has truly been a year like no other. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March, Tewa Women United staff have worked hard to find creative solutions to respond to the needs of our communities throughout the Tewa homelands and Rio Arriba County. Our activities maintained connections and…

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Indigenous Peoples Day 2020

Indigenous Peoples’ Day has always been a celebration of collective resistance. Amid this crushing pandemic and uprisings against racism and police violence, its message endures. We Americans—Indigenous or not, on whichever side of the U.S. border—have to show up for each other: when we’re on social media, when we’re…

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