About Us

About Tewa Women United

Our Beginnings
TWU is a collective intertribal women’s voice in the Tewa homelands of Northern New Mexico. The name Tewa Women United comes from the Tewa words wi don gi mu which translates to “we are one.”

Tewa Women United (TWU) was started in 1989 as a support group for women concerned with various issues including alcoholism, suicide, and domestic and sexual violence. In the safe space women created, we transformed and empowered one another through critical analysis and the embracing and re-affirming of our cultural identity.

In 2001 TWU transitioned from an informal, all volunteer group to a formal 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Tewa Women United was incorporated for educational, social and benevolent purposes, specifically for the ending of all forms of violence against Native Women and girls, Mother Earth and to promote peace in New Mexico.

Our Vision
Sovereignity is living the truth from the heart. TWU’s vision is embodied in the Tewa words wo watsi the breath of our work. In other words, our path of life follows us into daily work.

Our Mission
The mission of TWU is to provide safe spaces of Indigenous women to uncover the power, strength and skills they possess to become positive forces for social change in their families and communities.

Our Values
wina ta yay – we belong will live these values
wowatsi – circle of life, what you give comes back, generosity, reciprocity, life affirming, living life as a prayer, purposeful living
kwee wa-sen – female and male
wa vi tuu – ancestral knowingness