Gender Justice

TWU’s Gender Justice Program (formerly the Women’s Leadership and Economic Freedom Program) implements culturally based curricula for youth in Northern New Mexico. The A’Gin Healthy Sexuality & Body Sovereignty Project addresses body sovereignty and personal empowerment for all stages of life.

Tewa Women United centers the voices of Indigenous women, and at the same time we honor and welcome the essential role of men in our struggles. Along with community collaborators, we support the re-membering of Healthy Masculinities and seek to engage young men and boys

These projects, along with our Youth Council, serve as prevention strategies to support young people to make healthy decisions and prevent gender-based violence.


Program Goals


TWU has offered retreats, classes and support groups for young people. The program has helped Tewa women, many of them artists, to receive training and classes to further their own business goals. TWU’s involvement with U.S. Women Connect and other national networks activities has opened an avenue for influencing federal policy change on economic issues for women and low income people