Planned Giving

Planned giving includes donation options such as IRA Charitable Rollovers and Charitable Bequests. With gift planning, you can provide long-lasting support for Tewa Women United while enjoying financial benefits for yourself. 

IRA Charitable Rollover (Distribution)

If you are over 70 ½ years of age, you are required to take distributions from your IRA. Instead of creating a taxable event for yourself, you can make the distribution a charitable gift using all or a portion of your mandatory withdrawal amount. As long as the distribution is paid directly to Tewa Women United from your IRA administrator, the amount will not be counted in your taxable income for the year. This may result in tax savings for you–check with your tax advisor.

Benefits of an IRA charitable rollover

How an IRA charitable rollover gift works


You may be looking for a way to make a significant gift to help further our mission. A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support Tewa Women United.

What are the benefits of making a bequest?

How do I make a bequest?

A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift be made to family, friends or Tewa Women United as part of your estate plan.

What are my options?

A bequest can be made in several ways: