TWU Podcast

The Tewa Women United Podcast was created to uplift the voices of people who are working in reproductive justice, environmental justice, gender justice, and for the overall health and wellbeing of our families and communities.

Special thanks to Tamara Colaque (Jemez, San Ildefonso, San Felipe, Guadalajara) for being technical genius and helping us get this podcast up a running, and to Diana Halsey (Santa Clara) for on-going continued support in all our programming. 

Episode 1: Sayaa’s Circle – Jessica Lujan’s discussion with the Sayaa’s Circle, Elder Kathy Sanchez and Evelyn Naranjo 

Episode 2: Mycelium Manhood – Conversation with Christian Gering and Kevin Beltran with Kayleigh Warren & Daniel Bird about their origins, Pueblo traditions, pursuing higher education, and their current work. 

Episode 3: Mycelium Manhood, continued

Episode 4: Mycelium Manhood, continued