Circle of Grandmother’s

TWU’s Circle of Grandmothers Program

Program Leader: Kathy Sanchez 505-747-3259 x1203

Circle of Grandmothers is the nurturing breath that infuses and inspires the work of Tewa Women United. The Grandmothers is a circle of inter-tribal, multicultural women who are either grandmothers themselves or supportive elders.

Program Goals

  • Provide Spiritual grounding and cultural guidance to Tewa Women United staff and board
  • Promote reciprocity of inter-generational learning and sharing to strengthen individuals, families and communities
  • Nurture and support women and elders who are vital influences on the behaviors and beliefs within families and communities


  • Create healing gifts for trauma survivors
  • Organize and/or help at community education sessions
  • Host inter-generational support groups
  • Make referrals to Tewa Women United or other helpful community organizations
  • Attend trainings to increase knowledge about sexual violence and other traumas
  • Share knowledge of traditional language, arts and practices


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