Circle of Grandmother’s/SaYain

TWU’s Circle of Grandmothers (SaYain) Program

Program Leader: Kathy Sanchez 505-747-3259 x1203

Circle of Grandmothers (SaYain) is the nurturing breath that infuses and inspires the work of Tewa Women United. The Grandmothers is a circle of inter-tribal, multicultural women who are either grandmothers themselves or supportive elders.

Program Goals

  • Provide Spiritual grounding and cultural guidance to Tewa Women United staff and board
  • Promote reciprocity of inter-generational learning and sharing to strengthen individuals, families and communities
  • Nurture and support women and elders who are vital influences on the behaviors and beliefs within families and communities


  • Create healing gifts for trauma survivors
  • Organize and/or help at community education sessions
  • Host inter-generational support groups
  • Make referrals to Tewa Women United or other helpful community organizations
  • Attend trainings to increase knowledge about sexual violence and other traumas
  • Share knowledge of traditional language, arts and practices

Mark your calendar April 4, 2017 Our Time To Break the Silence, National Council of Elders. Elder Kathy WanPovi Sanchez has been asked to initiate readings in our local communities. If interested, contact Elder Kathy at 505-747-3259 x1203.

Supported by the Chamisa Foundation