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Tewa Women United
912 Fairview Lane, Española, NM 87532

Mailing Address:
PO B0X 397
Santa Cruz, NM 87567
Phone: (505) 747-3259 | Fax: (505) 747-4067
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General Information

Executive Director
Corrine Sanchez
505-747-3259 x1201
505-310-5451 cell

V.O.I.C.E.S Program Manager
Kena Chavez
505-747-3259 x1207
505-614-6179 cell

V.O.I.C.E.S Training/Outreach and Cultural Services Coordinator
Beverly Billie
505-757-3259 x1207

Bernadette Trujillo

Chris Morris
505-747-3259 x1205

Environmental Health and Justice Program Manager and
Gathering for Mother Earth

Kathy Sanchez
505-747-3259 x1203

Environmental Justice Program Coordinator
Beata Tsosie
505-747-3259 x1203

Indigenous Womens Health Program
505-747-3259 x1206

Indigenous Women’s Health and Reproductive Justice Program Manager
Jessica Riggs
505-747-3259 x1206

Doula Program Staff Doula
Diana Halsey
505-747-3259 x1206

A’Gin Healthy Sexuality and Body Sovereignty Coordinator
Nathana Bird
505-757-3259 x1209

A’Gin Youth Coordinator
Jessica Montoya
505-747-3259 x1209

A’gin  Staff Facilitator
Autumn Billie
505-757-3259 x1202

Sengipaa Ing Vi Po Project Coordinator
Jon Naranjo
505-757-3259 x1202