Be Part of Our New Healers for TWU Circle!

(photo: Jessica Stickler,

At the heart of our work is an intention to strengthen and re-strengthen beloved families and communities. We are committed to ending all forms of violence against women, girls, and Mother Earth.

So much of this vision is connected to healing – making things whole again – and it makes sense that so many healers would be part of our circle.

Over the years, a number of you have expressed your generosity by organizing fundraising events and/or donating a portion of your income to our organization. Here’s one letter that we loved from Jessica Stickler, a yoga teacher:

Dear Ones,

I am very honored to have been fortunate enough to be able to donate to your wonderful organization this year. I grew up in New Mexico and moved to New York City about 20 years ago. I am a yoga teacher, and was just leading a yoga retreat over the holiday weekend. This year, I am pleased to be able to donate my teaching pay to you. I hope to be able to raise even more money next year!


This inspired us to launch the “Healers for Tewa Women United” circle!

If you’re a healing/wellness practitioner, here are a few creative ways you can support our work and be part of this circle:

Want to join our “Healers for Tewa Women United” circle? Let us know! We can send you fliers to share with your clients, and we’ll acknowledge your gift and feature your work and website on this page.