Gratitude and Celebration: The Journey of Generosity Comes to a Close!

Three years ago, we launched a very special fundraising campaign to mark Tewa Women United’s 30th anniversary: Wo’watsi: Na’ingbi aayaagi’i  / Live for Our Children’s Future (we quickly learned that it was easier to call it by a shorter name: The Journey of Generosity!).

We recognized this landmark anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on our beginnings and honor our elders, envision the future, and invite our community to help strengthen our capacity to do our heart’s work for the next 30 years and beyond. The campaign began with great joy in the fall of 2019 with three wonderful events: the annual Gathering for Mother Earth, a benefit concert with Buffy Sainte-Marie, and a special evening at the Governor’s Mansion.

Now we are bringing this three-year capital campaign to a close, and we are celebrating your extraordinary generosity. 

Since 2019 when the Journey of Generosity began, life changed for all of us as the COVID pandemic threatened our communities, and prompted us to make adjustments to this campaign. Even so, during these three years the Journey of Generosity has successfully raised more than $800,000!

With your support, we have accomplished these goals:

All of this has been made possible by your extraordinary generosity. 

As we bring Wo’watsi: Na’ingbi aayaagi’i  / Live for Our Children’s Future to a close, we offer our deepest thanks to each of you who contributed not only financially but from your hearts to make this vision become a reality. We also have great gratitude for all our staff, past and present, who have been part of our ongoing story. We are honored to be in Beloved Community with you.