It’s Happening Again: Petition to Halt LANL’s Planned Tritium Release

We’ve been through this once before. In 2020, we organized a campaign to stop the planned release of tritium from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Our Beloved Community came through then, with more than 3100 signatures to our petition to the Department of Energy (DOE) and the New Mexico Environmental Department. In April of that year, the DOE announced that it would postpone its plans to vent the four containers of radioactive tritium.

Now the same situation is confronting us again.

We have received word that LANL is potentially planning to vent four flanged tritium waste containers before the end of the federal fiscal year — which is this September.

There are many health risks involved with this release of tritium, as outlined in our petition, and LANL has refused to provide the community with an analysis of alternatives to venting. We are asking our community to come together once again and raise your voices to stop this planned release.

Please sign the petition here or through the link below, and please share it widely with your communities. Time is of the essence, as the federal fiscal year will come to a close on September 30, and LANL could potentially release the tritium any time before then.

Kuunda wo’ha / thank you for your support