Call for Peace and Justice in Israel and Palestine, from the National Council of Elders

Tewa Women United’s Sayain program has been an active member of the National Council of Elders for many years. We very much appreciate this statement on Israel and Palestine.

November 2023

As the National Council of Elders (NCOE), we aspire to a culture of peace, having learned through many years of struggle to resist the culture of violence which pervades and propels society in the United States. We are coming to understand our work as building a culture of peace rooted in justice. We speak from our hearts in calling for an end to the violence in Israel / Palestine.

The essential violence of colonization is to disrupt the relationship between human beings and the land. We see this in the current crisis and throughout the world. Now, with a fierce new urgency, we call upon people of conscience to come forward to demand an immediate ceasefire by the Israeli government, Hamas, and all parties in Gaza, and for the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid. We call for the end of Israeli Occupation, the restoration of Palestinian lands and autonomy, and for an end to US military support for the State of Israel.

Palestinians have peacefully resisted occupation and oppression through mass mobilizations, public education, public art, and direct resistance. Within Israel, there is a growing movement for justice. Individuals, artists, military personnel, and faith-based organizations are risking state oppression as they stand with Palestinians and work to end the oppressive practices and policies of the Israeli State. Many Jewish Americans have been courageous in supporting justice for Palestinians. Their actions are opening new ways to make clear that criticism of the Israeli State is not rooted in antisemitism, but in a profound understanding of how settler colonialism distorts the best of our cultures and human aspirations.

We urge you to join with those in your community who are demanding a cease fire now. Call upon your representatives to refuse to provide military aid to Israel.

As activists over the past 60 years, we have been cultivators of the seeds of peace and beloved community. Our vision continues.