Meet the People of Tewa Women United

Our fifteen staff and seven board members are the heart of Tewa Women United. Every day, they are dedicated to taking actions as well as reflective time that contribute to growing Beloved Community. Our movement areas of Environmental, Reproductive, and Gender Justice would not be possible without their heartfelt efforts.

Recently we’ve welcomed several new staff, as well as made some re-alignments in our program positions. Our intention is to ensure that each staff members is in a place where they can thrive, and sometimes this means shifting roles. We want to take a moment to share our current staff configuration, as of December 7, 2023.

The Environmental Justice Program is managed by Talavi Cook, and supported by Kayleigh Warren (focusing on food and seed sovereignty) and Pilar Trujillo as Wellness Coordinator. We are currently in the process of hiring for an EJ Advocacy Coordinator and Program Assistant.

Our Reproductive Justice Program is now led by Wendolyne Omaña as Program Manager. We are grateful to Carmella Quam, who served in this position the past year, and wish her all the best on her future path. Wendolyne is supported by Heaven Kim as the Reproductive Justice Coordinator and Aspen Mirabal as the Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project Coordinator.

The Gender Justice Program (formerly the Women’s Leadership and Economic Freedom Program) is happy to welcome Jamie Allbach as the new Program Manager. The GJ team includes Kathy Wan Povi Sanchez as the Sayain Coordinator, Alexa Jaramillo as the Community Well-being Coordinator, Kevin Beltran as the Policy/Prevention Coordinator, and Felysha Aragon as the Youth Organizer/Program Assistant.

The backbone of the organization is our Administrative Team: Dr. Corrine Sanchez, Executive Director; Nathana Bird, Associate Director; Bernadette Trujillo, Finance Director; and Diana Halsey, Office Coordinator.

You can read biographies of each of our amazing staff members as well as how to contact them here, and learn more about our board members here.