Reproductive Justice Advocacy + Movement Building

We know that the work of Reproductive Justice must be fundamentally entwined with our Tewa Women United values in order to meet our community needs.  For us this means that we respect birth as ceremony; circle around the whole family; honor the sacredness in all things; attune to the qualities of relationships; support a culture of consent; protect the rights of a parent to make choices about their reproductive health in the way of their choosing; and acknowledge Woman as First Environment.

Our program works to strengthen community networks, partnerships, and policies to improve access to reproductive healthcare and early childhood services for low income families, Indigenous women, and people of color in our rural and underserved area. We do this by advocating for policies, best practices, and strategies that uphold the health and wellbeing of families in New Mexico. We provide training and resources to ensure leadership development for clients and the community to take on active roles and participation in strategies that are most important to them. 

We know that to achieve Reproductive Justice, we must: