TWU Community Doula Directory

Our doula services are available for any family within Rio Arriba County and the Tewa Pueblo Homelands. Our doulas have been trained in a Full Spectrum approach to doula services, and spend numerous hours with the families they serve to build strong trusting relationships and to provide pregnancy support, community resources, and childbirth education.


¿Sabías de nuestros servicios de doula en el Proyecto Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula? Estos están disponibles para cualquier familia dentro del condado de Río Arriba y los pueblos de Tewa. 

Nuestras doulas han sido entrenadas con enfoque de espectro completo para los servicios de cuidado a la persona embarazada o en postparto. Pasan numerosas horas con las familias a las que sirven para construir fuertes relaciones de confianza y proporcionar apoyo durante el embarazo, recursos comunitarios y educación para el parto.

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Meet our doulas!

F. A. Marie +

F. A. Marie is passionate about non-judgmental reproductive choices and support for all bodies. They are trained as a Doula with the Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula project through Tewa Women United, as a Community Health Worker through UNM Taos, and Lactation Consultant through the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force. They offer client centered full spectrum support in person and virtually in the areas of IUI, IVF pregnancy, labor, postpartum, lactation, miscarriage and abortion.

F. A. Marie was born in New Mexico and raised in the Española, Pojoaque and Santa Fe areas and is grateful for the opportunity to serve their communities both locally and beyond. 

Julia Martinez +

Julia Martinez (she/her/ella) is  a granddaughter, daughter, sister, auntie, and a multi-community member from Northern New Mexico. 

Julie is a Full-Spectrum Community Doula who is passionate about providing patient-centered care with compassion, dignity, and respect to each individual and their relations. She practices free, prior, and informed consent to support those making decisions for themselves during all reproductive health experiences. Her services and experiences are anchored in trauma-informed care, sexual health and body positivity, childbirth education during prenatal visits, continuous labor support, postpartum care, support with lactation and infant nutrition, mental health awareness,  and non-judgmental abortion support.

Julia received doula training through Tewa Women United and is currently being trained as a Childbirth Educator through Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, and as a Lactation Specialist through Lactation Education Resources.

Kim Talachy +

Kim Talachy is a Full Spectrum/Community Doula with 10+ years experience as a doula. She has 15 years experience working with children and families and holds professional credentials in lactation, infant massage, developmental instruction, parent education, and placenta preparations. Kim was raised in the beautiful Northern New Mexico area, moved away to attend college, and experience something new. By following her passion for birth work, she settled back in Northern NM, where she feels blessed to be providing support for the same community that raised her. She has 3 beautiful children of her own, loves the outdoors, and is passionate about plant medicine. 

Supporting families through pregnancy, labor & birth, the postpartum period, and lactation, is  “heart work” for Kim. Her goal as a doula is to provide education, resources, and ongoing support  that is uplifting and empowering. Kim views birth as sacred and intimate, and strives to protect and honor your experience as so. She aims to empower families to make informed decisions, so they may feel in control, honored, and supported throughout their birthing experience. As a mother, she knows the importance of postpartum care, and will be an ongoing support and advocate for your transition and recovery. 

As your doula, Kim will honor and respect all cultural and religious preferences and practices. She will provide support and education for your partner or family members, and work with your provider to create a loving and safe space for you and your baby. 

Marisela Torres O'Neal +

Marisela is a Full Spectrum Community Bilingual Doula. She is Mexica, deeply connected to her ancestral roots in the sacred land of Anahuac.

I wholeheartedly embrace the rich diversity and inclusivity of this community. Drawing from my deep cultural roots and ancestral heritage, I bring understanding and cultural sensitivity to my work. As a Doula, I fully embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusivity.  I chose the path of a Doula to bring about empowerment, unwavering support, invaluable education, and strong advocacy for both the birthing individual and their love ones. With my heartfelt dedication, I stand by your side to respect and cherish every decision, moment, aspect, and the ones that shape you in your unique power towards parenthood. Together, will blend emotion, physical well-being, and unwavering support to create a fulfilled reproductive journey. Through integrated emotional, physical, educational, and advocacy support, I work alongside you to honor your choices, experiences, identities, body, and family throughout you

I trained as a full spectrum doula with Tewa Women United in 2018 and have completed additional training with Innate Postpartum Tradition, Indigenous Childbirth Education, Roots of Labor Collective, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, Healthy Children Project Center for Breastfeeding, and Placenta Encapsulation.

Soy una Doula Bilingüe de la Comunidad de Espectro Completo.

Soy Mexica, profundamente conectada con mis raíces ancestrales en la tierra sagrada de Anáhuac. Acepto de todo corazón la rica diversidad e inclusión de esta comunidad. A partir de mis profundas raíces culturales y herencia ancestral, aporto comprensión y sensibilidad cultural a mi trabajo. Como Doula, acepto y celebro plenamente la diversidad y la inclusión.  Elegí el camino de una doula para lograr el empoderamiento, el apoyo inquebrantable, la educación invaluable y la defensa sólida tanto de la persona que da a luz como de sus seres queridos. Con mi sincera dedicación, estoy a tu lado para respetar y apreciar cada decisión, momento, aspecto y los que te moldean en tu poder único hacia la paternidad. Juntos, combinarán la emoción, el bienestar físico y el apoyo inquebrantable para crear un viaje reproductivo pleno. A través de un apoyo emocional, físico, educativo y de defensa integrado, trabajo junto a usted para honrar sus elecciones, experiencias, identidades, cuerpo y familia a lo largo de usted

Me capacité como doula de espectro completo con Tewa Women United en 2018 y he completado capacitación adicional con Tradición Posparto Innata, Educación Indígena sobre el Parto, Colectivo Raíces del Trabajo, Consejera Indígena de Lactancia Materna, Centro de Proyecto de Niños Saludables para la Lactancia Materna y Encapsulación de Placenta.


Natalia Rico +

As a full-spectrum doula, Natalia offers care through her presence that prioritizes establishing a relational field of safety so that families may feel held, supported, resourced, and witnessed. In this way she does her best to provide emotional, physical, educational and spiritual resources and support so that you may feel confident in your decisions and trust your knowing of what is best for you. Natalia holds the birth continuum with great reverence and acknowledge this as a potent and deep opportunity for healing, if we so choose to see it as that. Her practice is trauma-informed through studies of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as emerging orientation to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology.

Natalia is a first generation U.S. citizen and she loves working with Spanish-speaking families as that is her first language. She is also a gardener, growing food and medicinal herbs seasonally which she enjoys incorporating in her practice whether it be through medicinal remedies or through cooking postpartum meals. Natalia is truly humbled and honored to be in service in this way and looks forward to continuing to find how she can best support.


Sally Maxwell +

Sally (she/her) is a full spectrum community doula, lactation counselor, and postpartum cook living on unceded Tewa lands in O’Ga P’Ogeh Owingeh (Santa Fe, New Mexico). As a full spectrum doula, she supports families through fertility, pregnancy, labor & delivery, postpartum, lactation, loss, and early parenting. Sally believes in the power of community, and when we create a circle of comprehensive support around pregnant and birthing people, healing happens. Her approach to doula work is guided by the knowledge that you are the expert of your own body. Through integrated emotional, physical, educational, and advocacy support, she works alongside you to honor your choices, experiences, identities, body, and family throughout your reproductive journey. Her care is trauma-informed, gender-affirming, and person-centered. 

Sally trained as a full spectrum doula with Tewa Women United in 2020 and completed additional training with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, Full Spectrum Doula Circle, and the Healthy Children Project Center for Breastfeeding. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor. As a queer doula, her work centers and celebrates LGBTQIA+ families.