YVK Full Spectrum Doula Training

The Yiya Vi Kagingdi Full Spectrum Community Doula Training began with its first cohort of Indigenous and Northern New Mexican students in 2018. Building upon a Reproductive Justice framework, we focus on weaving resiliency practices with the reclamation of birth knowledge in our local communities.

Our doula training has been created as a comprehensive and family centered experience that is rooted within the teachings, values and beliefs of Tewa Women United. Doulas who train with us will be able to work with families by providing culturally relevant care, advocacy and support from preconception through birth to early parenting. Our training weekends have been designed to provide students with valuable evidence-based information and hands-on experiences so that they feel ready to work with expectant parents. Each weekend is taught by our staff, doulas and local community experts.

Throughout our Yiya Vi Kagingdi Full Spectrum Community Doula Training, we include curriculum on the following topics and create opportunities for students to learn from community experts, to enhance our community doulas’ impact on social determinants of health and birth equity:

• Full Spectrum Doula Work
• Caring for Substance Using Families
• Healing/Trauma Informed Care
• Survivor-Centered Care
• Free, Prior and Informed Consent
• Body Sovereignty
• Reproductive Justice
• Perinatal Mental/Emotional Health
• Decolonization of Birth
• Client Advocacy
• Cultural Humility
• Building Professional Relationships


We are currently accepting applications for our Full Spectrum Doula Training which will take place April 2022 – August 2022. This is a unique training opportunity that was created with our community in mind! This training is limited to New Mexico participants; we are prioritizing residents of the Española area, members of the Eight Northern Pueblos of NM, and Bilingual applicants. Deadline to apply: January 31, 2022.

Because of Covid-19, we will be implementing a hybrid model of training, with THREE (3) in-person weekends, and FOUR (4) virtual weekends. The training takes place over seven weekends. Please review the schedule below:

Each weekend will run on the following schedule:
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – 1pm

Mentorship with a doula or person of their choice during the certification period.
An established community of birthworkers, student Facebook page, and connection with local providers.

We believe in making our training accessible to anyone who wants to take it. Therefore, we will be waiving all costs for our students. We ask instead in the spirit and practice of reciprocity that all doulas who participate, commit to give back what they have received by providing doula services to three families, for no cost.

If you have questions, please write to: doulas@tewawomenunited.org