Celebrating Our First YVK Doula Training Graduates!

Our “Birthing Beloved Community” event on March 23 was a beautiful evening of honoring the first cohort of graduates of our Yiya Vi Kagingdi Community Doula Training, as well as many of the people who have been an important part of the project for the past decade.

The 15 women who completed the first offering of our Yiya Vi Kagingdi Community Doula Training came from diverse communities in Northern New Mexico. Throughout the course of seven months, these women gathered to learn from those who came before them, from each other, and those that will come after them.

The training was created as a comprehensive and family-centered experience rooted within Tewa Women United teachings, values, and beliefs. Our training weekends are designed to provide students with valuable evidence-based information and hands-on experiences so that they feel ready to work with expectant parents. Each weekend was taught by our staff, doulas and local community experts.

Training topics covered included Grounding in Community Care, Fertility and Preconception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, and Early Parenting.

2019 Doula Training Graduates

Sascha Anderson – Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Tina Archuleta – Jemez Pueblo
Kim Atencio
Autumn Gomez – Comanche/Taos Pueblo
Niquita LeValdo – Oglala Lakota/Acoma Pueblo/Navajo
Sandy Martinez
Crystal Miller
Aspen Mirabal – Taos Pueblo
Marisela Torres O’Neal
Diane Pratt
Jenny Rizzo
Gaibi Rugsaken
Andrea Stanley – Diné/Acoma Pueblo
Beata Tsosie-Pena – Santa Clara Pueblo
Julia Wall – Jemez Pueblo/Ojibwe Anishinaabe

MARCH 23, 2019


“Completely in awe and feeling so blessed by the community love shown tonight as we celebrated 10 years of our Doula Project and the graduation of our YVK Doulas. Thank you everyone who have supported us through this journey. Looking forward to all that the future holds in store!”
– Jessica Lujan, TWU Program Manager

If it wasn’t for Tewa Women United and Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project, I don’t think I would’ve chosen to pursue doula training. Honestly, they are the most forward thinking group of reproductive justice advocates in the Southwest. I’ve met with quite a few Women’s group here in NM, and they are truly Full-Spectrum-Pro-Family based.
– Niquita LaValdo, Doula Training Graduate

I’m proud of Andrea Stanley, Autumn Gomez, Beata Tsosie-Peña (to name a few) who are now embarking on this journey of reconnecting all people back to our first environment, WOMAN. Although, I did not take the class I learned a lot from [my partner] Andrea, through connecting back to my birth story and how to be in relation with her as we transition to parenthood. It’s a beautiful time to be alive to see strong leadership in these women who will impact many. Blessings all around.”
– Christian Gering


Chef Ray Naranjo
The IWH Program staff: Jessica Lujan, Diana Halsey, Paula Mirabal, Steph McCreary
Adriann Barboa


Del Norte Credit Union
Brindle Foundation
Presbyterian Española Hospital
The Golden Eye
Avanyu LLC
GRD Health Center
National College of Midwifery
Sonrisa Dental
Sunbeam Gallery

And NewMexicoWomen.Org for a generous matching grant!