Elder Kathy Sanchez Named as Spirit Aligned Fellow

We are overjoyed to share that Elder Kathy Sanchez, one of TWU’s co-founders and beloved Saya, has been named as one of this year’s Spirit Aligned fellows. She joins seven other extraordinary Indigenous women elders for a three-year, co-creative fellowship to strengthen their sisterhood and share their life teachings in self-determined legacy plans.

Katsi Cook (Mohawk Nation), who directs the program, said, “We are honored and excited to welcome these eight remarkable women to Spirit Aligned. Individually and collectively, they embody Indigenous sisterhood and connection to ancestral ways that open paths to healing for our global world. Each has achieved an appreciation for a meaningful life.”

These Legacy Leaders were carefully chosen from hundreds of applicants from throughout the United States and Canada. The confidential review and selections process considered cultural diversity, geographic distribution, peer references, as well as reflections about their own knowledge and wisdom journey.

The uplifted elders are a culturally and geographically diverse group, each woman a leader in the revitalization of her Indigenous language and ancestral ways:

Spirit Aligned honors these Indigenous women elders and the ancestral knowledge they have courageously nurtured over their lives. Individually, they each work to heal, strengthen and restore balance within their Indigenous communities. Together, they are empowered to create a collective impact across Indigenous cultural expression and education, leadership of Indigenous women and girls, violence against girls, women and the earth, and healing from trauma and oppression.

Created in thoughtful partnership with NoVo Foundation, the Spirit Aligned Leadership Program elevates the lives, voices, and dreams of Indigenous women elders who are working to heal, strengthen, and restore the balance of Indigenous communities. For more information, visit www.spiritaligned.org

Photo caption/credit:
The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program welcomed a new circle of Legacy Leaders during its Spring Gathering at Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico. From left: Jennie Seminole Parker, Kathleen Sanchez, Sharon Day, Thelma Whiskers, Faith Spotted Eagle, Onita Bush, and Diane Brown. Missing: Maxine Wildcat Barnett.

Photo by Matika Wilbur for Spirit Aligned Leadership Program