A New Vision for Tewa Women United

In early February, 2020, Tewa Women United staff and board engaged in three days of strategic planning. During that time we took a deep look at our vision and ‘mission’ statements, and considered how to update them to better align with our current understanding of our work and the world we live in.

Our new Vision Statement went through several iterations, and it was clear to everyone when we landed on the ‘right’ one. After lengthy and thoughtful conversations, and with mindful attention to what language can imply, we decided to re-name “Mission Statement” as “Our Collective Journey.”

We are excited to share with you these new versions, with language that reflects what’s most important at this stage of our work:

Our profound thanks to Beverly Scow and Stephanie Ortiz for facilitating this process so beautifully. We look forward to living into this vision and collective journey in the times to come.