Tewa Women United Statement on Responding to COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Dear friends,

As many of you may know, there have been at least 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the State of New Mexico (as of March 13). Tewa Women United is closely following the CDC’s and the NM Department of Health recommendations.

As of today, March 13, we are closing our office to the public out of concern for everyone’s safety. All public TWU events will be postponed and re-scheduled to a later date. We are offering our employees the option to work remotely for the next three weeks, and will re-assess the situation at that time.

This is a time for us to be good relatives and especially to make sure that we watch out for and protect the most vulnerable among us.

We encourage you to:

If you or a loved one are sick, please stay home except to get medical care. If you have concerns or believe you may have COVID-19 please call New Mexico Department of Health at (505) 827-0006 before going to your medical provider to ensure they are prepared to take the necessary procedures needed. These are ways that we take care of each other. 

We lift up the words of our friend Congresswoman Deb Halaand, who reminds us,

“This virus recognizes no race, ethnicity, or class and is not more likely to be harbored in Asian-American owned businesses. We are in this together and it is times like this when we must remember that our diversity is our strength.” 

We will continue to be in touch about how you can help us support the most vulnerable of our communities through this extremely challenging time. 

Kuunda woha / thank you

– The board and staff of Tewa Women United