Action Alert: No Commercial Air Tours Over Bandelier


The National Park Service (NPS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have prepared a draft Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP) to define “acceptable” levels of commercial air tours over Bandelier National Monument. Under the draft ATMP, 101 annual commercial air tours would be authorized. You can read more about the proposal and the process here.

On September 15, the NPS held an informational meeting about this process. There was no official representation from tribal members at this meeting. You can view the recording here.


Commercial air tours have already been happening over Bandelier since 2003 (up to 126 flights a year at 800 – 1000 ft above the ground, run by Southwest Safaris), so the ATMP draft is not a proposal to ‘allow’ these flights to happen but rather to regulate frequency, duration, altitude, and routes. Therefore, we are not asking you to oppose the ATMP as it’s a step in the right direction to address the situation.

We ask you to stand with us and advocate against commercial air tours over Bandelier, and help us to amplify the above points.

From now until October 13 (extended deadline), the NPS is accepting comments from the public.

You can view the full draft and submit your comments through the NPS website here:

Please note the NPS is not accepting comments via email.

Alternately, you may send written comments here:

National Park Service
Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division
1201 Oakridge Dr., Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525