Thank you, Beata!

Tewa Women United (TWU) is deeply grateful to Beata Tsosie-Peña for her thirteen years of heart- and spirit-full service to the organization. Beata will be leaving TWU at the end of this year to begin a new journey as the Organizational Director of Breath of My Heart Birthplace (BOMH), a non-profit licensed freestanding birth center and full scope midwifery practice based in Española, New Mexico.

We are excited for Beata to step into this leadership opportunity and know the contribution she will make to BOMH from her experiences as a mother, full spectrum doula, and visionary and dedicated community organizer. Beata is a powerful advocate and activist in our community and we know that she will continue to connect the work of reproductive justice and environmental justice. 

During her time as the Program Coordinator for TWU’s Environmental Health and Justice Program, Beata has been instrumental in leading advocacy efforts to stop the contamination of sacred Pueblo lands and waters, as well as challenging environmental violence from nuclear colonialism, extractive industries, and militarization. She has been doing much of this work in coalition with Communities for Clean Water and Frack Off Greater Chaco.

Beata has also offered her extraordinary leadership to imagine and implement visionary projects such as the Española Healing Foods Oasis, a space for the community to learn about plants, seeds and cultural teachings; and the Healing Foods Seed Library at the Española Public Library. Beata also worked to distribute over 160 trees, 15 raised beds, and over 80 companion plants to youth in the “TreeGeneration Fest” project, which supported young people to thrive within the community even during the pandemic. Most recently she collaborated with Kaitlin Bryson and Cheyenne Antonio on the “Many Hands” mycoremediation project. Beata’s contributions to the work of food and seed sovereignty, alongside the New Mexico Food and Seed Sovereignty Alliance, regionally and globally, are tremendous.

We have great appreciation for Beata’s courage and love of community, and look forward to continuing to grow beloved community together in new ways. She has impacted the lives of so many throughout her time with Tewa Women United. Kuu daa woe haa, thank you, Beata.

photo by Christi Bode