Women’s Leadership & Economic Freedom Program

TWU’s Women’s Leadership/Economic Literacy Program
Program Manager: Nathana Bird 505-747-3259 x1209 nathana@tewawomenunited.org

Women’s Leadership/Economic Literacy Program aims to strengthen, encourage and build upon women’s natural leadership and entrepreneurial ability in order to help Indigenous women fight the pervasive poverty in our communities. Poverty impacts our capacity to make healthy choices in matters of nutrition and other aspects of daily life.

Program Goals

  • To provide Indigenous Women with tools for critical analysis of the root causes of poverty
  • To support pathways which provide financial self-sustainability
  • To promote leadership development and capacity building among Indigenous Women as well as to create and strengthen women’s leadership opportunities within our communities

TWU has offered retreats, classes and support groups for young people. The program has helped Tewa women, many of them artists, to receive training and classes to further their own business goals. TWU’s involvement with U.S. Women Connect and other national networks activities has opened an avenue for influencing federal policy change on economic issues for women and low income people.

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