Welcome to Our New YVK Coordinator!

We are excited to introduce our newest team member! Alma Guadalupe Rivera has joined the IWH Program to serve in the role of Yiya Vi Kagingdi Doula Project Coordinator.

Alma was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has lived and worked in the Espanola Valley since 2015 and has ancestral connections to Taos Pueblo, El Rancho, and the Pajarito Plateau. She wears many hats including, teacher, advocate, activist, coach, and life-long learner. But the most important hat is that of “Mommy” —  she is the single mother of four amazing, and energetic boys who were all blessed with a doula at each of their births

Alma is a first-generation college graduate, working on pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership, and hopefully one day receiving a PhD., in Peace Studies from the University of Peace in Costa Rica. She has worked in education and community for the past 15 years supporting students of all ages and focusing on service leadership development and outreach. Alma is passionate about environmental and social justice, co-founding Campaign 2020 with her sister Victoria Rivera in 2005, and Roots and Wings, LLC, in 2016. Alma has been trained and engaged in community organizing since the age of 14, serving on the Governors New Mexico Youth Alliance and other advisory councils.

Granddaughter of a partera/midwife and traditional healer, Alma is being called to birth work in this new chapter of her life and has accepted the position of Yiya Vi Kagindi Doula Program Coordinator. She has witnessed and experienced first -hand the impact in a family and community when a mother is supported to birth her baby in a way that feels safe and loving for her. Alma is currently part of the Yiya Vi Kagindi/Helper of Mother, Full Spectrum Doula 2020 training.

You can reach Alma at alma@tewawomenunited.org or by phone: 505-747-3259 x1206.